[Updated]: friends, excuse me for my fault. There are differences between the version I have reviewed, the Debut 7, and the Pro version. The Anime Studio Debut 7 doesn’t allow us to work with physics in the Bones, for example, and has a limit regarding the number of usable frames: 3000. Click on the link “Debut vs. Pro” to view a comparative table.


If “to create” is in your veins, it is quite possible that you have already felt the will to create animations and even animated drawings. This is a job, however, that requires a lot of calm, patience, dedication, and tools for such work; tools that are almost always expensive and unfriendly, full of elements that most often repels most of the users.

This is not what happens, however, with the fantastic Anime Studio Debut 7, from Smith Micro. This is a 2D animation software that simplifies procedures that would take hours to understand in more expensive and difficult to use software. Anime Studio Debut 7 allows anyone to quickly create animations and cartoons very easily. And don’t think that this simplicity means that the software is poor in resources: none of this. It is easy to use and powerful!

Anime Studio Debut 7

The Smith Micro software has vector drawing tools included. You can draw your own characters, scenarios and any other items for your creation, using tools that are extremely intuitive and easy to use. In addition, the application contains a gallery (content library) containing characters and various other items, which can be used in a very simple way in your work. And one of the coolest things regarding this gallery is the fact that the characters, for example, already have the “bones” inserted.

To create animations has never been easier

Bones. This is a feature of Anime Studio Debut 7 that allows the insertion of “points of articulation” on an object and/or character. You can draw a character in the software and “insert a skeleton” in the same, making manipulable/movable joints. Anime Studio Debut 7 also works with layers and a timeline. It is a complete animation software. Each layer can be moved and have their attributes altered, and you also can make it invisible at any time, for whatever reason you want, which will then make all objects belonging to the same automatically become invisible.

Anime Studio Debut 7

It’s possible to customize the viewing of the timeline, apply zoom on it, extend or reduce the size of the frames, and after you finish your masterpiece, you can export it to a file, and the software allows you to export to the following formats: .swf, to you insert your work into your website in an easy way, .mov, or .avi. It is still possible to export the entire animation or a range of frames, only.

And, to make everything even more social, after rendering, Anime Studio Debut 7 allows your work to be sent to YouTube or Facebook, through its own interface.

You can also import in Anime Studio Debut 7 drawings and files that you have developed in other software or even images that you have on your computer. The import tool included on the program accepts the importing of image files, audio or even video, allowing you to enrich your work even more.

You can start your creation using any one of the several objects or characters provided with the software and modify them as you wish, or you can start creating everything from scratch, creating scenarios, objects, characters, etc. Simply go to the menu “File == > New” and let your imagination take control. Anime Studio Debut 7 also features integration with Smith Micro’s SendStuffNow, increasing even more your sharing possibilities.

Sounds, special effects, several possibilities in terms of animation, a mode for beginners which offers even more simplicity in use for those who have never worked with an application of this genre and many characters and objects ready for use that can be imported into your project make the Anime Studio Debut 7 the perfect tool for beginners in animation and advanced users: it is perfect for different types of needs and offers many facilities and features.

Anime Studio Debut 7Creating

The timeline in Anime Studio Debut is endless. Also there are no limitations regarding the amount of layers and effects that you can use. You can see precisely the frame where the cursor is, because there is a counter that also allows that you position the cursor on any frame: just enter the number of the same and hit <ENTER>.

Click on a layer to select it and then “play” with all objects contained in it. A crosshair appears on each one of the objects that you select, and you can work individually on each one of the several items that a layer can contain.

The animation in an object occurs mainly by the difference between two or more distinct points in the timeline. For example, start with your character stopped in frame 1, move your arm, using the easy way that the feature “Bone” offers, on the frame 50, use the feature “Translate layer” to raise the entire character, in the same frame (50), put the cursor at frame 100, also through the Bone tool move its two legs in opposite directions and when you click on the “play” button, which lets you see your animation in action, you will see your doll move the arm, jump and open both legs in the air.

The software offers features for filling areas, and you can choose the color both through the “selector” when informing your RGB values or your HTML code. It’s possible to organize in a more than perfect way, the positioning, the colors, the movement, etc., of all elements of your animation, through the division/insertion of each item in a specific layer.

Through the Bones, an amazing feature that inserts joints that allows the characters/objects be animated in a very real way, you can accomplish things truly sensational. The only limit is your imagination and how much you’ve learned about the software itself and the tools it offers.

To animate a character is very easy, and the Bones, a resource used solely and exclusively via mouse, is very intuitive. Everything goes in a very fluid way, and you stay surprised when you realize the level of detail that you can insert into every little movement. The usage of this feature, combined with a good control regarding the frames, allows a very fluid animation.

Advanced user or not: Anime Studio Debut 7 is for you

Controls to play, pause, stop, forward and rewind, positioned just above the timeline, allows you to test each element/section of animation and correct defects as soon as you detect them. What possibly would take hours or days in any other similar software, take minutes or hours, respectively, in Anime Studio Debut 7, depending of the size and the complexity of your artwork.

Shortly you will disable the “Beginners” mode and will see more options. You can then move the bones from one point to another, enlarge or reduce each of them, rotate them, add more points, increase or reduce the “strength” of each one of them, which is reflected in other parts of the element in question, etc.

The positioning of the camera can also be changed, and it is very likely that you will often use this feature, because if you want a fluid animation, with precise movements and as realistic as possible, the more details and how many more angles of vision you get of the objects with which you are working the better. When it comes to animation and graphics, you can never have too many viewing options.

You can also work with physics in Anime Studio Debut 7 and, for example, make certain part of the object/character move automatically in response to the movement of other areas. You can also set the angle of heel of each one of the Bones and their torque, for example. Building a character, then, is something that can be done literally from scratch, using the vector drawing tools that are included in the software.

Create a layer for each body part, set colors, size, Bones, location, etc. Then set colors for each of the areas. In conjunction with the timeline and the frames, specify each one of the movements of your objects, remembering that, also through the timeline, you define the duration of each movement by simply setting the starting/ending point of each movement.

Well, the whole thing is very fluid, so to speak here on starting and ending point is somewhat strange. Let’s say you can specify different locations for any item in your workspace, at different times in the timeline, and thus, to create and to move what you want, to where you want, as you desire, etc.

Anime Studio Debut 7 still has very interesting tools, in a way that your creation is even better. Define brushes and customize them, draw with freehand tools, insert text, create objects by defining points (2 or more), capture the color of any object to reuse it in another totally different, even if it is already present in another layer, and feels like the master of animation.

The software, besides possessing many elements already ready to use, allows you to download a package called “Anime Studio Toon Essentials“, which contains several elements to make the use of this sensational Smith Micro’s application even more easier.

Anime Studio Debut 7

And if you want to have even less work, you can also buy packages with ready to use items, to work with in the software. Whether you are thinking of developing animations only for your own pleasure or are thinking in to do something professional, Anime Studio Debut 7 may well meet your needs and become something easy and pleasant, something that, of course, would be more complicated and boring in any other similar software.

You can still customize the look of the software, changing colors from different areas of the workspace. That is, in the software itself you can use your artistic talents. Anime Studio Debut 7 focuses on 2D animation, costs $49.99 and allows the execution of astonishing works, thanks to the set of features “vector drawing tools + easy to use animation tools.” There is a application demo, which runs for 30 days, also. If you, like me, love to create, this software can become part of your day to day.

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